Enabling Digital Transformation
of Construction

The innovative online platform for efficient, lean and transparent construction processes

LCM Digital® is a collaborative and intuitive online platform that connects and harmonizes analog and digital work processes; Improving project performance and using lean methodologies

Innovation in Construction

A simple platform and interface between human experience and data to increase your project efficiency

Focused on processes instead of interfaces, for the first time we set new benchmarks in the construction industry. The optimization potential of LCM Digital® has been proven in many LCM® projects over the last years.

LCM Digital® is the only online platform offering

  • Real time online collaboration
  • Lean Construction with Takt Time planning
  • 4 easy steps to create and manage the project schedules
  • Full combination of digital and analog workflows
  • Production management on site with Kanban Cards
  • Instantly updated project schedules
  • Progress monitoring with online linked Kanban Cards
  • Integration of BIM and Supply Chain Data

Clear, Efficient, Self-Explanatory

The cloud based software platform LCM Digital® helps you to stabilize and accelerate your project with a maximum transparency. Developed from construction and lean experts the platform is very easy to use and can be accessed from any device as well as from the mobile app

LCM Digital® is your online tool for collaborative, transparent and connected construction processes

  • Hight team involvement in process mapping for a high acceptance
  • Real time online decision basis for better project decisions
  • Collaboratively agreed construction schedule for higher efficiency
  • Better resource usage by Takt planning to improve performance
  • Constant check on pre-requirements and supply chain status
  • Overall up to 20% shorter construction times proven in many LCM® projects over the last 10 years

Higher Project Success

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