Analog and digital shop floor management

Ensure the active involvement of all those involved in operations through targeted and tailored information distribution. Provide transparent communication, whether analogue with our Kanban card export or digital with your mobile device. This way you achieve up-to-date scheduling that is accepted and understood by all participants. 

Use LCM Digital embedded in a multimedia equipped BIG-Room with "takt boards", touch screens and creative open spaces and activate the full creative potential of your team members. 

Digitales Baumanagement mit LCM Digital

Stabilise your project development with LCM Digital

With the mobile applications of LCM Digital you get an exact overview of the upcoming construction processes. 

Through the clearly scheduled processes in the planning phase you can quickly see whether the plan is being followed or needs to be adjusted. You can react before the process gets out of hand, stabilize the project and successfully bring it to the finish line. The messenger function allows the responsible team members to communicate in real time and send important data such as plans and photos. 

This leads to:

  • increased stability in the execution
  • more accurate progress recording
  • more efficient and agile control
  • targeted & direct communication

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