Construction processes

Planning and controlling in one place

With LCM Digital you have a web-based production management platform that translates complex data into focused and structured information and makes the entire planning and production process transparent.

With the platform you maximize profitability and minimize idle time, errors and waste.

We achieve this through:

  • clear and intuitive process planning
  • agile and simple process control
  • collaborative change management

Managing complexity through structure and order, transparency and collaboration

We believe that transparent and collaboratively controlled processes are the future in manufacturing, assembly and construction management.

With our simple and proven methodology

  • we solve manufacturing, assembly and construction processes from complicated schedules and the silo-oriented view of project participants
  • identify the smallest common multiples of the project execution
  • and reassemble them together with the project participants into an approved and realisable overall process

The result is a confirmed, process-related and stable schedule.

Analyse and plan your construction processes 

Planning: Procedure & Scheduling  

We have methodically processed our best practice knowledge from over 700 successfully completed lean projects and applied it to our software. In four sequential steps you will receive a production schedule based on logical individual elements.

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Execute: Operational control / Shop floor management 

Ensure a targeted and customized distribution of information for all those involved in operations, which you integrate with our kanban card export or digitally with your mobile devices. You will receive a schedule that is updated and confirmed by all participants

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