LCM Digital Software Explanation Video. A brief explanation of the tool.

LCM Digital Product Demonstration Video. Get a feeling for the tool.

Lean Construction management (LCM®) Methodology. How does it work and where do we come from?

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Licence fees

The fee is based on the project scope (project type and volume) and ranges between XS (very small projects) and XL (very complex projects) per month, year, or one-off for the entire project duration. Depending on the project scope selected, the fee is between €375 and €5.000. Try out LCM Digital on a trial project.

Mini package


per Project

Price per month

  415$   (375€)

Small package


per Project

Price per month

 685$  (625€)

Medium package


per Project

Price per month 1.350$  (1.250€)

Large package


per Project

Price per month

2.100$ (1.875€)

Mega package


per Project

Price per month

6.000$ (5.000€)

Custom package


Multiprojects / Enterprise Solution




LCM Digital runs on different platforms and browsers (PC, Mac, iPad etc.). The LCM Digital platform is a hybrid cloud solution that can be optionally deployed at the client site (as enterprise solution or custom tailored solution).

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