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Lean Construction Management (LCM®) Methodology. How does it work and where do we come from?

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Licence fees

The fee is based on the project scope (project type and volume) and ranges between XS (very small projects) and XL (very complex projects) per month, year, or one-off for the entire project duration. Depending on the project scope selected, the price starts at 375€ and goes up to 5.000€. Test LCM Digital free of charge for one month and see for yourself in a trial project. Simply contact us.

Mini package


per Project, Projects up to $10M (10 Mil. €)

Price per month

  $415  (375 €)

Small package


per Project, Projects between $ 10M (10 Mil. €) and $ 35M (35 Mil. €)

Price per month

  $685 (625 €)

Medium package


per Project, Projects between $35M (35 Mil. €) and $75M (75 Mil. €)

Price per month  $999 (950 €)

Large package


per Project, Projects between $75M (75 Mil. €) and $125M (125 Mil. €)

Price per month

  $1.485 (1.350 €)

Very large package


per Project, Projects between $125M (125 Mil. €) and $200M (200 Mil. €)

Price per month

  $2.100 (1.875 €)

Custom package


Multiprojects / Enterprise Solution / Projects from $200M (200 Mil. €)

Calculated Individually           

LCM Digital runs on different platforms and browsers (PC, Mac, iPad etc.). The LCM Digital platform is a hybrid cloud solution that can be optionally deployed at the client site (as enterprise solution or custom tailored solution).


LCM Digital Plattform - System Requirements:

  • An Internet connection is required (content can be made available offline for a short time via browser caching).
  • LCM Digital is fully compliant with the latest version of Google Chrome. It is also compliant with previous versions of Google Chrome.
  • LCM Digitial is functional on other browsers such as Firefox and Internet Explorer. Optimally, LCM Digital is best operated on Google Chrome.
  • LCM Digital is also functional on tablets.
  • To open the generated PDF files a PDF Viewer is recommended.
  • To open the generated CSV files any plain text reading tool or Microsoft Excel is recommended.

LCM Digital Mobile Execute App - System Requirements:

  • is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store
  • is fully compliant with the following operating systems
    • iOS 10 and higher and
    • minimum Android 6 (recommended Android 8 but not mandatory).