We believe that transparent and collaboratively managed processes are the future in manufacturing, assembly and construction management. 

Production Planning and Lean Construction Management

We have methodically processed our best practice knowledge from over 500 successfully completed lean projects and mapped it in our software. In three steps, which build on each other, you will receive a synchronized production schedule composed of logical individual elements.

In 3 steps to the optimal production plan with LCM



Subdivision of the building into so-called equal areas: Areas that always contain the same process sequences as an expansion sequence. Process steps can be defined from standard processes (library) or individually, together with the team.



The process sequences defined in step 1 are assigned durations and clocked out. The use of resources (quantities, masses and personnel) is planned. A "takt" is defined for all trades in a takt area. Result: Clocked-out processes for takt areas and optimal overall process for the project with evenly utilized trades.



Takted production schedule for the overall project duration. Sequences can be filtered by takt areas and trades/teams. Result: Stable and coordinated process and production schedule for the construction site.

Production Execution and Lean Construction Management

Ensure targeted and tailored information distribution for all operational stakeholders, who you integrate with their mobile device. In this way, you obtain a schedule that is updated and accepted by all participants.

Stabilize your project execution:

Take full control

LCM Digital's mobile applications give you an accurate overview of upcoming construction processes. With clearly timed processes in the planning phase, you can quickly see if the plan is on track or needs to be adjusted. You can react before the process gets off track, stabilize the project and successfully bring it to the finish line. Through the messenger function, those responsible can communicate in real time and send important data such as plans and photos.

Visual Management

The digital planning board shows you the 4 or 6 week section and focuses over a simple view of the current week on a daily basis. With one tap, deliverables are reported as completed. Move the process cards freely on your iPad or on the monitor in the construction office according to the completed activities.