Do you work in project management?

Then you know that unclear and unfinished planning, know-how losses and intransparency make it difficult to keep track.

Control and report processes digitally starting today and lead your project to success!

LCM Digital for project managers

Benefit from transparency and traceability thanks to a history of the work steps of all project participants as well as automated key figures for reporting. 

  • Transparency and traceability of important information through history with all work steps of the project participants.
  • Easy provision and linking of project data by using interfaces as import and export or via API, e.g. to connect your reporting or BIM tools
  • Automatic reporting from all sub-tools of the project environment in the integrated dashboard (Coming Soon in LCM Digital 2.0)
  • Tracking of advance performance as stability criteria and milestones to verify special events (Coming Soon in LCM Digital 2.0)
  • Our tool supports the breakdown of tasks by day, department and person
  • Current status information on a daily basis is reported back via the digital board and the app.
  • The flexible adjustment options allow you to react to unexpected events at short notice
  • Data synchronization takes place via project role permissions
  • We optimize your tool application through clear onboarding and reliable support
  • Collaborative and digital project delivery is the focus of the overall application, e.g. as joint workshops synchronized with master planning on a role basis
  • Projects can be set up according to Lean methodology, from the overall process analysis to reporting the status of the site

Take your perspective

From project managers to performers – all stakeholders use the same solution tailored to them and get the right information at the right time with LCM Digital.

Our Clients

"LCM Digital helps us to make our planning and execution processes transparent and robust for large as well as complex projects."
Leitung Lean Management
BAM Deutschland AG
"LCM Digital will help us further optimize the processes and make them visible to everyone"
"LCM Digital now helps us to work even more efficiently and automate many parts of our work (...)."
Drees & Sommer SE

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