Stress?  Delays?

It's time to digitize your construction processes

From the project manager to the performers - all stakeholders use the same solution tailored to them and receive the right information at the right time. 

With LCM Digital, schedulers can coordinate, site managers can control, and trades can execute - collaboratively, in real time, and always in sync.

Digital construction processes - why?

You manage your project in one software and integrate participants smartly by assigning rights. Whether planners, site managers or project managers - all use the features tailored to them. Finally, schedulers can plan, site managers can control, and project managers can maintain an overview. 

With our Feature Plan, schedules and process plans can be easily created. The result is a structured and timed process that quickly shows whether the plan is being adhered to or needs to be adjusted.
You can react before the process gets off track, stabilize the project and successfully bring it to the finish line. Intervene from anywhere, no matter where you are.

Through the underlying lean methodology, you bring your project efficiently to the finish line. So you save time and money. Why make the workday difficult, if it is also easy.

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And that is the key to success. Benefit from a targeted and tailored information distribution in all directions. Create order and implement your planned process simply and clearly.

Our dashboard gives you the possibility to evaluate your most important data. All relevant key figures can be viewed and checked via a dashboard. Through real-time monitoring, you can immediately detect deviations and initiate countermeasures in time. Use this data and set it as a benchmark in follow-up projects.

Our team of experts is always available to answer your questions. We also host regular webinars on existing and new features.

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The main features at a glance:

Cloud-based Lean Management

We have mapped all our knowledge of Lean principles, the Last Planner method and Kaizen in our software.

Digital Post-Its

With our innovative presentation of appointments as digital Post-Its, even complex projects remain clear.

Daily Board

The digital planning board (Digital Kanban) focuses tasks via a simple and intuitive view of the current week on a daily basis.

Mobile App

They release services of the trades when they have been reported as completed on site via the app. Urgent questions are clarified in the chat.

Information flow in all directions

From the project manager to the person carrying out the work - everyone receives the right information at the right time.

Take your perspective

From project managers to executors - all stakeholders use the same solution tailored to themand receive the right information at the right time with LCM Digital. 

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Our Approach

We have methodically processed our best practice knowledge from over 500 successfully completed lean projects and mapped it in our software.

Take full control

Consistent tracking

Track, view, and review relevant metrics with our dashboard. Evaluate your most important data and react early.

Target-oriented communication

Our mobile applications facilitate project communication. Every project participant gets the information they need for their daily work.

Proactive control

Involve all stakeholders in a targeted manner and react before processes get off track. Stabilize the project and bring it successfully to the finish line.

Our Clients

"LCM Digital helps us to make our planning and execution processes transparent and robust for large as well as complex projects."
Head of Lean Management
ZECH Hochbau AG
"LCM Digital will help us further optimize the processes and make them visible to everyone"
Overall project manager
"LCM Digital now helps us to work even more efficiently and automate many parts of our work (...)."
Drees & Sommer SE