15 Jahre Lean-Expertise in einer Lösung

Based on Lean principles, LCM Digital closes the information gap between planning and execution. Coordinated processes, improved communication and automated information flow between the parties involved minimize delays, supplements and cost explosions. 

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All project participants benefit from LCM Digital:

A Planning Process that Involves Everyone

  • Digital Post-Its and Drag & Drop keep scheduling simple and clear even for complex projects
  • The clear visualization makes the schedule readable for all participants
  • The takt planning feature allows you to quickly create an optimal schedule with just a few clicks
  • Early cooperation between planning and execution ensures synchronized, reliable and traceable processes.
  • Due to the cleanly planned interfaces, trades make fewer mistakes, minimize waste and thus save costs and resources
  • The site managers coordinate the construction site with a schedule that is always up to date and adapted to the reality of the site
  • Trades are already integrated in the scheduling process. In this way, a common understanding between planning, construction management and execution develops at an early stage.
  • Trade participants have read-only access to the schedule at all times and are informed about upcoming tasks as well as schedule adjustments

Coordinated and Fully Synchronized Execution

  • No more version chaos - the schedule is managed in one central location with smart authorization management. The participants always work according to the current schedule.
  • With feedback via the Mobile App, communication and progress tracking on the construction site runs by itself
  • Schedulers can thus react to the reality of the construction site at any time and make precise adjustments.
  • The Dailybaord enables the transparent coordination of the trades. Upcoming tasks as well as information on areas, schedule and status are always visible for all participants
  • Automated progress tracking with the Mobile App simplifies communication between construction management and trades
  • The status, delays and problems are reported in real time from the site and keep the schedule up to date
  • Via the Mobile App, trades are connected in real time with the site management and the Dailyboard and always have access to relevant information on upcoming activities
  • Automated progress tracking with the mobile app simplifies communication between trades and construction management
  • Trades are informed about upcoming activities, planning adjustments or delays in real time

Realtime-Monitoring based on key figures for better reporting

  • The current project performance visualized clearly and comprehensibly

  • See the current status of upcoming tasks at a glance with status tracking

  • Understand the causes of delays using the filter function and react in a targeted manner

  • With the Dashboard, project managers understand progress at a glance, sharing reliable progress information.
  • By comparing planning statuses with different baselines, the effects of adjustments become comprehensible.
  • With the dashboard, those responsible understand the progress of the project at a glance. Owners and clients thus receive reliable progress information.
  • Project successes and fast processes can be analyzed on the basis of key figures and used as a benchmark in subsequent projects.

The voice of our clients

Dr. Sebastian Lange Director Lean Management, Zech Hochbau AG

"The best software solution for lean takt planning in Germany. Or let's say in Europe."

Dr. Selim-Tugra Demir Senior Manager Lean Management Drees & Sommer

"LCM Digital is the only lean software solution that is able to automatically create takt plans and suggest optimizations. It integrates perfectly with existing structures and helps in the transition from conventional schedule management to lean thinking and working."

Filip Rudolf Superintendent at Drees & Sommer, Telli Project Aarau

"We have a lot of interfaces here and with LCM Digital we have a very quick and rapid overview of where trades meet, where delay can take place and which trades are one step behind. In addition, you're more secure as a site manager, which gives you a better standing with the contractor."

Kathrin Schramm Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Architect, schrammArchitekten

"We are particularly enthusiastic about the simple and transparent communication and coordination of all those involved in a project. This enables us to react immediately to spontaneous changes, so that the construction can continue to run smoothly and on schedule."

Ricci Münchenbach Senior Project Team Leader, Drees & Sommer

"With LCM Digital, all construction processes are broken down in detail - so problems can be identified and fixed early."

Simon Tappe Managing Director Herkommer Architekten

"With the help of operating functions such as "drag and drop", the program is intuitive to use and easy to learn. The creation of a schedule succeeds quickly, so that an overview of the project flow is created at an early stage."

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