LCM Digital emerged from an innovation project at Drees & Sommer. The aim is to accelerate the slow transformation and digitalisation of the construction industry in order to find an answer to the recurring problems in construction: unstable processes, silo thinking and information chaos, which in turn leads to schedule and cost overruns and quality problems.

A lot has happened since the first successful proof of concepts of the software in 2017. In the meantime, LCM Digital has been spun off as an independent corporate startup and successfully placed on the market. This goes hand in hand with strong growth in terms of staff, project and turnover figures. We are not only bundling years of lean, BIM and project expertise, but also sharpening our software and technology profile in order to always find suitable answers to the current challenges of project management. The journey has only just begun. LCM Digital. 


LCM Digital brings lean management and digitalisation into harmony. Our task is to collect, organise and structure all the complex data that floods a construction site every day. From the project manager to the person carrying out the work – everyone involved uses the same solution tailored to them and receives the right information at the right time with LCM Digital. With us, project managers can plan, construction managers can control and trades can execute – collaboratively, in real time and always coordinated with each other. We bring digital lean construction management to the construction site and continue to drive the digital transformation of the construction industry.


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