LCM Digital was jointly developed by two powerful partners with years of experience in the field of Lean and BIM. Our tried and tested LCM® methodology has already been successfully used in hundreds of projects. LCM Digital takes Lean projects to a new level of collaboration and optimized planning.

Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) was originally formed in 1952 in Lebanon. Based in Athens, Greece, currently employs over 110,000 people in its worldwide operations. Annual revenue is about US$ 6 Billion. Predominately a construction company, provides project management, engineering, procurement and construction services. CCC is currently ranked 19th in ENR Top International Contractors (2017) and Ranked 1st in the Middle East. CCT, is the technology arm of CCC, was established in 1993.
Drees & Sommer was founded in Stuttgart in 1970 and now has some 3,500 employees in 43 regional offices. Managed by Partners, the company supports private-and public-sector clients with all aspects of construction and real estate. Drees & Sommer’s annual revenues for fiscal 2017 totaled €334.8 million. As an innovation leader in the construction and real estate industry, Drees & Sommer has been relying on Lean construction and BIM for more than 10 years to optimize construction processes.


LCM Digital - a joint venture of two strong partners in project management.

Patrick Theis

Zuhair Haddad

Jakob von Heyl

Rayan Jreije

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John Moumdjian

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