Renovation Residential Project Telli

Since the start of construction in February 2020, site managers and trades have been using LCM Digital for process planning as well as for control and progress recording during the energy-efficient refurbishment of the Telli residential project in Aarau (Switzerland). Special factors in the construction process are tight deadlines and complex interfaces in the execution, which arise due to the renovation in occupied condition. 

Project Duration:

2016 - 2023

Project Type:

Energetic Refurbishment


Project data:

  • Renovation of apartment blocks in occupied condition without residents moving out
  • Up to 20 floors with 581 apartments, 24 staircases and 2 underground garages
  • Up to 80 trades in parallel operation


  • Tight deadlines due to 2-week window between temporary move-out and resident move-in
  • Similar floor plans with identical process sequences
  • High repetition factor

Services deployed by LCM Digital

Scheduling and process planning

Import detailed MS Project schedule

Process plan: Visualization of the complex schedule

Digitized process execution

Dailyboard: day-by-day control via the 4-6 week preview

Mobile App: status feedback, task coordination and local navigation

What colleagues in the Telli project say

"The added value for me is mainly that I really take the program on site, look at the tasks and check it on site. So I always have the current construction progress on my cell phone."

Romano Speri

Site Manager at Drees & Sommer, Telli Project Aarau

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