Track Project Performance in Realtime

The Dashboard creates transparency and transforms all information into key performance indicators. Problems and deviations are quickly identified and those responsible can react in time.

Use the Target/Actual Comparison to show actual progress versus planned progress

The status tracking always gives up-to-date information on the status of the processes 

The project performance
always in sight

Process data from planning and on-site reality are automatically bundled in the Dashboard. Whether with the target/actual comparison or the status tracking: Managers recognize at a glance how many processes have been completed and thus pass on reliable progress information.

The current project performance clearly visualized

Collect and share reliable project status information

Analyze key figures precisely with the area or trade filter

Understand plan adjustments and

In the current planning vs. baseline data area, different planning statuses can be compared with the current planning. Effects of adjustments and reactions to problems are quickly visible. 

Understand adjustments in the project and effects

Understanding performance improvement by lean principles

Set optimal planning data as a benchmark in follow-up projects

Compare different baselines with the current planning

Understand effects of adjustments and reactions to issues 

Das sagen Kunden, die mit dem Dashboard arbeiten

„Hier brauchen wir ein Zitat über, das direkt die Planung anspricht. “

Prof. Dr. Takt Tracking

Leitung Lean Management, XYZ Hochbau AG

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