Efficient planning has never been so easy

Plan appointments and processes together in real time. Simply log in to your browser and get started.


Real-time collaboration

All participants work together in real time at any time and from anywhere. 

Planning via drag & drop

Intuitive planning of processes. Changes are synchronized automatically.

Joint Planning

Think through variants together and present them transparently to all responsible parties at all times. 

Consistent understanding

Thanks to the single source of truth, all project participants know the current status.

Transparency thanks to visual scheduling

Terminplanung einfach gemacht. Erstellen Sie Pläne per Drag & Drop und sorgen Sie für Übersichtlichkeit und abgestimmte Prozesse.

Our web-based approach allows you to access LCM Digital at any time and from anywhere. This allows you to manage your construction processes even more efficiently and agile!

With the mobile app, you can easily manage tasks on the go and communicate progress or obstacles in real time. All in one tool – all in one app.

By combining analog and digital tools, you shorten the reaction times of the construction processes. Variants can be thought through together and are transparent and accessible at any time for all those responsible for the construction.

The single source of truth provides all project stakeholders with an up-to-date record of progress. This includes:

  • Agile incident management
  • Short-term planning adjustment
  • Integrated messenger
  • Transmission of attachments e.g. photos.

LCM Digital in Action

We have methodically processed our best practice knowledge from over 500 successfully completed lean projects and mapped it in our software.

Experience LCM Digital live for free

Get to know LCM Digital better in a personal meeting or in a demo appointment that suits you. We look forward to meeting you! 

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