Construction site and office finally grow together

Day-by-day control of all participants incl. feedback management via mobile app.


Control daily activities digitally

With the Dailyboard you plan and control tasks and activities to the day (Digital Kanban).

Digital task management via mobile app

With the mobile app, tasks can be reported and released directly from the construction site.

Easy coordination through the chat

Urgent problems or questions can be transmitted at any time through the chat in the app.

Recognize problems, react quickly

With the 4-6 week preview, you always have an overview and can react in time.

Digital planning board + mobile app

Day-to-day control of all participants incl. feedback management and chat via mobile app.


With LCM Digital, you are even more agile in executing construction processes and can plan them from anywhere. Activities can be planned and controlled to the day. 

Changes and delays are documented and automatically forwarded to all parties involved.

You can receive live updates through the chat function or by attaching important files and photos directly to your smartphone. This way, everyone involved stays on top of things - no matter from where and no matter with which device.

With the 4-6 week preview, you always have an overview. Are there any collisions? Do delays have an impact on progress? You are always in the picture and can react agilely to possible planning adjustments and prevent delays or even standstills in the construction processes.

LCM Digital in Action

We have methodically processed our best practice knowledge from over 500 successfully completed lean projects and mapped it in our software.

Experience LCM Digital live for free

Get to know LCM Digital better in a personal meeting or in a demo appointment that suits you. We look forward to meeting you! 

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