Smart data management rather than version chaos

Manage your projects in one central hub. Upload your mpp-file, share it and set access or editing permissions 


No version chaos

Discontinue version chaos and
manage multiple schedules in one place.

Quick and easy start

Import schedules from common planning tools and get started right away.

Full compatibility

Compatibility in all directions with classic planning tools such as MS Project or Powerproject.

PDF- and Excel-Export

Easily export the process plan or the to-do list as a PDF or Excel file according to your needs.

Optimized export function

The optimized export function makes it easy to export schedules and lists as PDF or Excel-file from LCM Digital. For example, print the entire process schedule with the settings already preformatted or select the number of days or weeks on a sheet according to your needs.

Many stakeholders, one plan

Share helps you to keep track of complex projects. Through the central management of scheduling and process planning, you have full control.

Import schedules in .mpp format from a classic scheduling tool (e.g. MS Project or Powerproject) and save on licensing costs. Store and manage different versions of your schedules in one central location and ensure that everyone is always working in the latest schedule.

Assign access rights by e-mail and ensure targeted and tailored involvement of all stakeholders. You determine yourself who has access to which data and thus ensure good cooperation.

Thanks to the clear presentation and the practical trade filter, you retain an overview even in complex projects. This increases transparency and facilitates communication.

LCM Digital in Action

We have methodically processed our best practice knowledge from over 500 successfully completed lean projects and mapped it in our software.