Automated KPIs for guaranteed project success

All relevant key figures are available in the synchronized dashboard so problems can be identified quickly.


Keeping an eye on progress

Always keep an eye on their
most important key figures.

Key figures for success

Real-time monitoring allows you to optimize current construction processes.

Smart Data Management

All data from construction planning and control are automatically bundled.

Transparency for stakeholders

Reliable key figures ensure transparency and prevent negative surprises.

Progress in clear key figures

LCM Digital is used by all project participants and documents the project progress automatically.

With LCM Digital you have the possibility to evaluate your most important data. All relevant KPIs can be viewed and checked via a dashboard.

Your data and process flows from construction planning and control are automatically and securely bundled and can be processed through interfaces to smart tools - clearly, efficiently and securely.

Real-time monitoring allows you to quickly optimize current construction processes and set them as benchmarks in follow-up projects. This saves you precious time and reduces costs.

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