Terminplanung und Fortschrittserfassung mit LCM Digital

New office building OWP 12 


The planning and consulting company Drees & Sommer SE built an unprecedented office building at the company's headquarters in Stuttgart-Vaihingen that meets all modern requirements for environmental friendliness and digitalization.

Project Duration:

2017 - 2022

Project Type:

Office Building

Specifics of the project

Modularization and prefabrication of the technical building equipment, as well as dynamic enrichment of the static BIM model with daily updated data from LCM Digital.

Automated linking of BIM model object data and LCM Digital process data, as well as the combination of Building Information Modeling and Lean Construction Management.

Was Drees & Sommer
besonders schätzt:

Scheduling and process planning

Project and process structuring via takt areas and trade trains

Dynamic process planning with LCM Digital

Progress Tracking

Interactive Dashboard for the 4-week preview

visualized project status and heatmap

Das sagen Kollegen von Drees & Sommer

Ricci Münchenbach Senior Project Team Leader, Drees & Sommer

"With LCM Digital, all construction processes are broken down in detail - so problems can be identified and fixed early."

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