Planners plan. 

Managers manage. 

And trades execute.

Planners plan. Site managers manage. Trades execute.

LCM Digital unites all participants on one platform and provides them with the digital tools they need for effective communication and coordinated collaboration. 

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The main features at a glance

Overall process analysis and takt analysis with the digital whiteboard

With the whiteboard, planners and trades define standard areas and reliable process sequences (cycle trains) collabroatively and in real time. The assignment of the process sequences to the standard areas, the detailing of durations and personnel strengths creates a common understanding among the participants. 


Quickly and easily achieve the ideal process plan with the Takt Planning Feature

By linking the process sequences to the standard areas, detailing durations and personnel strengths, the optimal construction schedule is created. Process links, conflict resolution and different views give full control over the process plan.


The Dailyboard: providing an oversight in day-to-day site coordination 

Generated from the process planning, the Dailyboard is the heart of the day-to-day execution. Focusing on the next 4-6 weeks, construction managers coordinate tasks and trades. Delays are documented and transmitted to the parties involved. Planning adjustments can be responded to in an agile approach to prevent shutdowns and delays.


Smart feedback management with the mobile app

With the mobile app, trades report real-time status and progress back directly from the site to the office. Attachments as images can be shared in case of questions or problems. This information can be accessed at any time and is linked to the Dailyboard and the Process Plan, bringing everyone involved up to date.


The dashboard: real-time monitoring of project performance

All data arising in the project is bundled and clearly presented in the Dashboard. Compare, for example, the original to the current planning status or the actual progress to the planned progress. The real-time monitoring with filter feature allows you to quickly analyze and optimize construction processes and use them as a benchmark in subsequent projects. 


Open API interface for linking LEAN data and BIM models

With its open API, LCM Digital can be seamlessly integrated into any IT infrastructure. In the OWP 12 project for Drees & Sommer, LEAN process data from LCM Digital was linked to the BIM model of our partner kaulquappe. For this, we received the 2021 BIM Award in the "Rethink BIM" category. Linking to other third-party providers is also possible at any time. 


What makes us different

Our ambition is not to offer just another software. We want to be a solution that fits you perfectly and you can rely on.

Easy import and export of MS Project files

Start by uploading an existing project and export your data at any time.

Unique performance even for the largest projects

LCM Digital processes data in seconds - even in large projects with many processes.

Benefit from Takt Planning, LPS and CPM without previous knowledge

Takt Planning, Last Planner System and Critical Path Method can be used seperated or combined.

Open API interface for seamless integration into your system landscape

Using the open API, LCM Digital integrates into your system and serves as a control center.

15 years of LEAN experience transferred into one solution

The experience from 15 years of LEAN and more than 500 projects forms the basis of our solution.

Software, consulting and system integration from a single provider

Consulting and integration services ensure the optimal use of our solution.

The voice of our clients

"The best software solution for lean takt planning in Germany. Or let's say in Europe."

Dr. Sebastian Lange

Director Lean Management, Zech Hochbau AG

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