Create schedules quickly and easily

Benefit from lean methods in planning even without prior knowledge. Our Whiteboard supports planners in the overall process analysis and takt analysis while the Takt Planning Feature creates the optimal schedule based on the process sequences.

Plan and define processes together visually in real time

Save defined processes in the process library and map them in the process plan

Start planning with the collaborative Whiteboard

We created the digital Whiteboard to support the overall process and takt analysis. It's easy to define takted and non-takted areas together, detail them with milestones, team strengths and durations, and thus lay the foundation for the takted process. 

Planning processes Mural-like with digital Post-it's

Collaborative approach for a common understanding

Based on Lean methodology, applicable without prior knowledge

Optional: Start by importing existing schedules

Scheduling with LCM Digital also works with existing schedules. MS Project schedules can be imported with a few clicks and LCM Digital creates a detailed process plan from .mpp file. This basic process plan can be takted or used directly as a basis for execution. 

Extremely performant import of .mpp files of any size

Easy entry even during the ongoing project

Export of process planning back to MS Project as .mpp file

Import existing schedules with a few clicks

Compatible with MS Projects, Primavera and Co.

Based on your planning LCM Digital creates a takted Process Plan

By drag & drop or adjustment of team strengths and durations, the process plan is adapted to your needs

Generate the ideal schedule with automatic takting

Whether based on Whiteboard planning or an existing schedule: The Takt Planning Feature creates a takted process plan in a few seconds by assigning takt seqeunces to areas. This can be further optimized by testing different variants (e.g. team strengths, durations) and by drag & drop.

The easiest and most intuitive way to the takted process plan

Takt planning guarantees coordinated processes

Increases speed of expansion, efficiency and transparency

Optimized takt planning with the Resource Chart

The Resource Chart shows the number of simultaneously executed processes as well as deployed workers per day. This helps to utilize resources evenly for a stable process. Conflict Resolution makes it easy to identify conflicts caused by plan adjustments and resolve them manually or automatically.

The right tools for the ideal process plan

More stability in the process through resource leveling

Overview of the daily utilization of the construction site

Identify and resolve potential conflicts through plan adjustments.

The resource curve provides a day-by-day overview of the workload of the trades. Auslastung der Gewerke

Identify and resolve conflicts through appropriate views

Drag & drop to optimize the process plan and adapt it to your needs

The result: The ideally takted Process Plan

The result of the planning is the ideally takted Process Plan. Various views such as the status and stability view as well as the filter function guarantee an overview of the entire planning. Attachments such as floor plans can be added to the areas and plan changes can be tracked via the history. 

Agile process plan connected to the execution

Adaptable at any time with automatic notification of participants

Progress tracking via different views

What customers say who plan with us

"By using LCM Digital, we as an architecture office benefit from smoother, faster processes. The clear display of all important dates and tasks makes it easier for us to maintain an overview in the entire processes as well as in individual projects.

We are particularly enthusiastic about the simple and transparent communication and coordination of all those involved in a project. This enables us to react immediately to spontaneous changes, so that the construction can continue to run smoothly and on schedule."

"We are particularly impressed by the simple and transparent communication and coordination of all parties involved in a project. This enables us to react immediately to spontaneous changes, so that the construction can continue to run smoothly and on schedule."

Kathrin Schramm

Architect at schrammArchitekten

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