Execute and deliver on-schedule

Based on process planning, the Dailyboard simplifies on-site coordination. Thanks to targeted communication and cleanly planned interfaces, contractors make fewer mistakes, minimize waste and save costs and resources. 

The Dailyboard generated from the process plan shows upcoming activities on a daily basis or in the 4-6 week preview

The task cards clearly show the status, area and target date of the activities

Focused coordination with the Dailyboard

The Dailyboard strengthens the oversight of the site management and simplifies the management of upcoming activities. The automated information flow according to the pull principle ensures an up-to-date schedule that can be adapted to the on-site reality at any time. This ensures transparency and traceability throughout the entire project.

Always have an overview of pending tasks and their status

Control daily activities with digital Kanban

Fully synchronized with the process plan

What users say who execute with LCM Digital


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"We have a lot of interfaces here and with LCM Digital we have a very quick and rapid overview of where trades meet, where delay can take place and which trades are one step behind.

In addition, you're more secure as a site manager, which gives you a better standing with the contractor."

Filip Rudolf

Superintendent at Drees & Sommer, Telli Project Aarau

Show tasks in the daily view or 4-6 week preview

The view of the Dailyboard can be changed as desired. The 4-6 week preview allows the site manager to have a look into the future and makes collisions and problems quickly visible. The daily view gives a detailed view of current activities, their status as well as image attachments.

Always keep track with the 4-6 week preview

Detect collisions and delays at an early stage

Agile response to plan changes and delays

With the 4-6 week preview you always have the overview. You are always in the picture about collisions and delays

In der Tagesansicht werden Prozesskarten und Tätigkeiten übersichtlich tagesgenau mit dem aktuellen Status visualisiert

Quickly gain an overview of progress in every area

The trade filter shows the progress and status of tasks by trades

Trade and area filters

Especially in large projects with many trades and interfaces, it is often difficult to maintain an overview. That is why we have integrated intelligent filters into the planning board, which sorts and displays processes and activities according to areas or trades. 

Keeping track of progress at all times

Increased transparency through filtering by areas and trades

Enabling targeted reactions and adjustments

Track project-related tasks with the ToDo-List

All tasks to be completed in the project as well as stability criteria and action items are created in the To-Do list. The integrated filter, sorting and search feature makes navigation easier, and the Excel export allows information to be shared with the project team in a targeted manner. 

Easy tracking of preliminary work and open tasks

All participants have access at any time and from anywhere

Alternatively, share information specifically in the team via Excel export

All upcoming tasks, stability criteria and action items in one list

For project-related tasks such as rework , responsibilities and due dates can be defined

Trades report status and images of tasks to the site management via the mobile app

Site management approves reported tasks directly in the process plan 

Status feedback with the Mobile App

With the mobile app, tasks are reported back directly from the construction site and released by those responsible on-site or in the office. Communication based on the pull principle keeps all parties involved informed about the current status in real time. 

Automatically generated Dailyboard for daily task management

Intuitive feedback management with the Mobile App

Synchronization of the status directly from site to the schedule

What users say about the Mobile App


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"The added value for me is mainly that I really take the program on site, look at the tasks and check it on site. So I always have the current construction progress on my cell phone."

Romano Speri

Superintendent at Drees & Sommer, Telli Project Aarau

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