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Expansion of the B1 near Dortmund to the six-lane federal highway A40

SWECO GmbH on a contract basis with DEGES 

The expansion to a six-lane federal highway is intended to equalize the often dense traffic flow both on the B1 section and in the downstream regional road network, thus reducing traffic congestion. The widening of the A40 federal highway created by the project will link the cities of the Ruhr region even more effectively.

Project Duration:

March 2021 - approx. 2026

Project Type:

Infrastructure development

Specifics of the project

Some of the 13 structures along the route will be replaced, others refurbished or adapted to current conditions. Most of these are bridge structures, such as the bridge over Emschertalstraße. But an underpass has also already been adapted as part of the project.

The planned measures for noise protection along the expansion are intended to keep noise and exhaust emissions away from residents. Some of these noise barriers will already be installed during the expansion of the line in order to protect residents from construction noise.

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Max Mustermann


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